Saturday, 25 February 2012

With the side off you can see the card is in correctly and has both 6 pin connectors.

Crash screens

The screen which appears when using windows, there is gray flickering first before the crash but its too fast and random to take a picture of. When this screen appears, the computer locks up as the keyboard is unresponsive ( Num lock, caps, Ctrl+Alt+Del, etc) and a hard reset is required.
This one has blue vertical lines but it has crashed with brown and gray vertical lines.

Other boot screens

The vertical lines which appear on boot sometimes / Above is a white screen which appears sometimes then usually turns to a blank gray screen a few pics down.

A very common screen where everything is just blank

Another very common screen is the 'input not supported' screen

Other screens which often come up

Bios screens

Correct bios boot screen:

Glitched Bios boot screen (notice the white horizontal lines ):